The NOITU Insurance Trust Fund provides a vast array of benefits for our Members and their eligible dependents. Contingent on the plan that applies to each specific CBA, some examples of what these benefits include:

· Hospitalization-Inpatient Stay, Outpatient, Emergency Room, Ambulatory Surgery
· Medical and Surgical-Preventative services, Doctors’ visits, Specialists, Urgent Care, X-Rays, Laboratory, diagnostic, Medical Supplies
· Prescription Drugs-Retail, Mail-order, Specialty Drugs, Diabetic Supplies, etc
· Vision-Yearly Screening, Contact Lenses, Glasses
· Dental-Preventative services, Emergency Services, Root Canals, Orthodontics

The NOITU Insurance Trust Fund Claims Department is staffed with Member Services Representatives to assist our members and their eligible dependents with any claim or benefit issues that may arise.

Provider Locator


NOITU Member Services/Pre-certification

1-718-291-3434(option 3)

Blue Cross Dental:
Dental Customer service: 1-844-852-1553
Hours: Monday -Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

CVS Caremark:
Customer Care: 1-888-202-1654
CVS Specialty: 1-800-237-2767
CVS Specialty Refill: 1-800-251-9573

CPS Customer Service: 1-212-675-1654
Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

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