The good and welfare of our membership is the only reason for our existence.

NOITU is an acronym formed from the initial letters that spell out “National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions”, which is affiliated with the International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades (IUJAT).

Why should I Join ?

The National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions (NOITU) negotiates new collective bargaining agreements (union contracts) and enforces existing agreements with employers.  We provide assistance for securing better working conditions, including but not limited to financial (better pay), medical (medical centers and better health insurance), dental (dental centers), and retirement benefits.

NOITU at work for you!

Adaptability is critical for NOITU as we continue to work to service our members needs through this pandemic. An example of this is ensuring proper social distancing by conducting contract proposal meetings in a parking lot outside instead of in a break room as has been done historically.

Reopening Meeting. With many of the businesses that employ NOITU members temporarily shuttered due to the pandemic, NOITU representatives have been meeting with our member committees to cooperatively plan reopening plans for their places of work. Ensuring that they can all return to work in the safest fashion possible is a key priority for all parties involved.


Learn more about our union benefits which include our insurance trust, health insurance…

Frequently Asked Questions

A Union is an organized group of workers who come together to
make decisions about many of the most immediate issues that
impact their daily work and quality of life. Union membership
creates a platform to address critical matters like job security,
wages, health insurance, and retirement through a negotiation
process with their employer.

Higher Wages

Union members enjoy wages and benefits that surpass industry

Better Benefits

Union members consistently have higher-than-average access to
benefits than non-union workers.

Grievance Procedure

A union contract includes a grievance and arbitration procedure
that assist union members in enforcing the contract and protects
your rights on the job.

Job Security

A union contract will defend you against unfair layoffs or

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