About UBenefit

UBenefit is a member-only program created to expand the benefits offered to IUJAT’s membership. Your IUJAT membership entitles you and your family to enjoy all of the benefits and discounts that UBenefit offers at no additional cost to you.

UBenefit Includes Discounts and Deals On:

  • Shopping Rewards Programs

  • Discount Tickets for Theater and Sporting Events

  • Travel and Entertainment Discounts, Including: Park Passes and Hotel Accommodations.

  • Auto Rentals

  • Discount Home Savings

  • Discount Wireless Service

  • Discount Home Mortgages

  • Legal Services

  • Banking and Finance Services

  • Home, Auto, and Life Insurance

  • Health and Fitness

  • And Many More!

"The good and welfare of our membership is the only reason for our existence."
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