NOITU Daniel Lasky Scholarship

The NOITU Daniel Scholarship Fund was established nearly 40 years ago to reward the academic achievements of our members and to help defray the rising costs of pursuing a college degree.


Each year, we invite the recipients and their families to NOITU National Headquarters for a special evening where we celebrate the achievements of these special students and award their scholarships. While we unfortunately could not celebrate these students and their families here at NOITU headquarters in person as we have done in past years, it was a priority to ensure we moved forward with a virtual ceremony to recognize our scholarship winners this year. The virtual ceremony ultimately proved to be symbolic of the challenges the 2020 class had to navigate as the virtual learning environment gave new definition to the term “homeroom.” A generation shaped by the connectivity of the internet has provided a global worldview not governed by travel restrictions. We look forward to tracking this group’s continued success as they flourish on their new campuses, whether virtual and or physical.