The National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions (NOITU) negotiates new collective bargaining agreements (union contracts) and enforces existing agreements with employers.  We provide assistance for securing better working conditions, including but not limited to financial (better pay), medical (medical centers and better health insurance), dental (dental centers), and retirement benefits.

The primary job of NOITU is to service our members by negotiating contracts under which we all work to better the quality of life of our membership.  We are fortunate to offer retirement and health plans which are among the best benefits to be found anywhere in the country.  While corporation health and retirement plans are rapidly disappearing, or non-existent, the National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions’ benefit funds remain solvent and strong. 

Collective Bargaining

NOITU members are beneficiaries of the collective bargaining process, which provides organized workers a forum to sit down with trained professional NOITU representatives and their employers to address all of the various issues that impact their daily working lives. This includes making proposals of demands for improvements to the terms of their employment in areas such as pay, health and welfare benefits, retirement plans, paid time off allowances, hours of work, workplace safety provisions, etc as part of the process of negotiating a legally binding Union contract, commonly known as a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Being covered under a CBA provides workers with protections that they often would not have without a Union such as no longer being an “at will” employee and most importantly allows them the opportunity to have a voice in the workplace that they did not have prior to becoming a NOITU member.

Health plans

The NOITU Insurance Trust Fund provides a vast array of benefits for our Members and their eligible dependents. Contingent on the plan that applies to each specific CBA, some examples of what these benefits include:

· Hospitalization-Inpatient Stay, Outpatient, Emergency Room, Ambulatory Surgery
· Medical and Surgical-Preventative services, Doctors’ visits, Specialists, Urgent Care, X-Rays, Laboratory, diagnostic, Medical Supplies
· Prescription Drugs-Retail, Mail-order, Specialty Drugs, Diabetic Supplies, etc
· Vision-Yearly Screening, Contact Lenses, Glasses
· Dental-Preventative services, Emergency Services, Root Canals, Orthodontics

The NOITU Insurance Trust Fund Claims Department is staffed with Member Services Representatives to assist our members and their eligible dependents with any claim or benefit issues that may arise.

Retirement plans

The NOITU Individual Account Plan can help you build your retirement
savings now for added financial security for you and your family with:
-Automatic payroll deductions to conveniently help you make saving for the future a habit
-Reduced taxable income because your contributions are deducted pre-tax.
-Long-term savings and growth potential across a variety of the Plan’s diverse investment options.
-Ability to view and manage your account online at any time via the NOITU IAP website.


NOITU’s Daniel Lasky Scholarship was created in August 1981 with the purpose of recognizing the academic achievements of the children of our members. More importantly, the scholarship was created to help our members with the rising costs associated with pursuing a college degree. When this scholarship was first established, the Scholarship Committee only gave out a maximum of five scholarships per year. With the growing importance of obtaining a degree beyond high school, the NOITU Organization recognized the need to expand its scholarship and now, the NOITU Organization does its best to ensure that every graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement has an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship.

The NOITU Organization is committed to helping the children of our members by offering this scholarship. To prove its commitment, in 2018 the Scholarship Committee established a new scholarship, the President’s Award. The President’s Award is a 4-year scholarship awarded to the highest performing student applicant, provided that the student maintains a 3.2 GPA each year of attendance.