Eligible students must use the application form provided on the NOITU website.
Applications must be submitted no later than June 14, 2024. Applications received after this date will not be acknowledged or processed.
All eligible applicants are required to submit the following documents in .PDF format in addition to the application form:

1. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I) scores.
2. Verification of acceptance by a college or university approved by the Federation of Regional Accrediting commission of Higher Education.
3. Letters of recommendation from (2) faculty members, preferably on high school letterhead, from the high school you are attending.
4. Your high school transcript (showing final grades through the first semester of the Senior Year).
5. The name and address of the college you will be attending.

Applications will not be considered complete until all documents are received. Deadline for completed applications is June 14, 2024. Documents can be emailed to to include “2024 Scholarship Application for FirstName LastName” (i.e..: 2024 Scholarship Application for Jane Smith) in the subject of your email. Awards will be made based on scholastic standing and attainment of the individual student, as well as need and other considerations and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.



148-06 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, New York 11435-9977

Please enter my name for the 2024 NOITU’s Daniel Lasky Scholarship Fund. I will graduate from high school this year and attend college full time in the coming year.

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